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If you already know which plan you want to join, you can start the enrollment process now. Enter your zip code to select the plan you wish to join. This will help us to make sure you live in our service area. When you enter a zip code in our service area, the screen will update with a list of available HNE Medicare Advantage plans to select from.

If you do not know which plan you want to join, review the plan information provided in the Resource Center or contact HNE Medicare Advantage for more information. Please be advised that if you complete this enrollment process, you will be sending an actual enrollment request to HNE Medicare Advantage.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: When enrolling in a Medicare Advantage HMO or HMO-POS plan that offers prescription drug (Part D) coverage, if you are electing prescription coverage, you must get it from the Medicare Advantage HMO or HMO-POS plan offering medical coverage. You cannot enroll in an HNE Medicare Advantage plan without prescription coverage and keep a separate prescription drug plan (PDP). Enrollment in an HNE Medicare Advantage plan will result in your disenrollment from any other Medicare Advantage or Part D prescription drug plan.

Eligibility Requirements

You can generally join a Medicare Advantage plan if you are enrolling during a valid election period and:

• You are entitled to Medicare Part A and are enrolled in Medicare Part B
• You live in our service area – Massachusetts: Hampden, Hampshire, Franklin, and Berkshire counties.
• You do not have End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) (permanent kidney failure requiring dialysis or a kidney transplant), with limited exceptions, such as if you develop ESRD when you are already a member of a plan that we offer, or you were a member of a different plan that was terminated. If you had ESRD but no longer require regular dialysis or have had a successful kidney transplant, you would not be considered to have ESRD any longer. In this case, you should send us a doctor’s note or records showing that the ESRD status has changed and you may be eligible for enrollment.


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